US President accomplishments

A Tribute to all US Presidents

Remember the good deeds of their Servitude of the American People

Today is George Washington’s Birthday and is recognized as Presidents day. It’s a day once a year when we take a moment to remembered all the presidents that have served our country. Some presidents are liked where as others are not necessarily disliked though they may be viewed with discontent. As a tribute to all the presidents that have proudly served our country this list has been compiled showing that even the presidents that lacked a high approval rate have in at least one way made a change to America for the sake of America.


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lighthouseHi Jeremiad.. interesting site, just came across it...trying the shout box, whatever that is! Anyway, commented on the GOP Crusade For Light Bulb post (I realize its from Politico rather than yourself!)2 years 4 days ago
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